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Tower Control

This is more a set of maps, or a system, rather; 2 trigger, which can be imported into any map to turn it into a "territories" "King of the Hill" "Zone Defense" or "tower control" type map... Whichever you may call it in your region.

What it does (in English)

There are variables an individual can set in the init, if they want to change settings. The only 3 are, what type of unit is considered the "hill" currently it is an xel'naga tower; what radius the hill can be controlled from, and the score to win.

there can be up to 12 "hills" in a map, all you need to do is place the unit; and the triggers will do the rest. There can also be up to 15 players, and up to 12 teams; which can be set in the lobby of any game, of course.

Every second, every hill counts all of the units in its capture radius belonging to each team, and compares that number to the units controlled by all other teams, in that towers radius. The team with the most units in the area owns the hill. Every second that a hill is owned, the team that owns the hill has 1 second of capture time removed from what is needed to win. Reach zero, and you win the game.

If you would like to test the system, search "Tower Control" and there are 4 melee maps with the system in it; or download any of these maps.

When I am finished with final tweaks, optimization, and an easy-to-use user-interface, I will be uploading an open-source of this to battle.net. Then I will most likely be trying to create my own, fun, custom, king of the hill map.