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Stranded on Krydon Renewed EXTREME


SoKRE is a much harder version of SoKR, that is about 2-4 times harder. It has been made harder by using all campaign and unused upgrades and using campaign variants of the units. For Info of how to play the map including tips go here.

How to Win

  • Win by seeking rescue, finding a way to escape or wait 50 min until the end.

SoKR Group:

On SC2 you can join the Stranded on Krydon Renewed Group, it is called 'SoKR'.

Future Plans & Known Glitches:

Future Plans:

  1. Boss fight sequence and super purifier.
  2. More dificulty for map
  3. Survivor/SCV level up/abilities.
  4. Improving textures
  5. Fixing bugs/glitches

Known Glitches:

  1. Game crashes when you leave the map.
  2. Build texture not there for some units.
  3. Menu button and buttons near it disappeared.
  4. Starcraft may crash when leaving the map.
  5. Chokers glow team color when graphics is higher than low.


Stranded on Krydon Renewed has the same game mechanics as the original but has much more detail (doodads, terrain features). (link for original SoK: Nagnazul said this " First off, some bad news:

"I won't be working on Stranded On Krydon anymore.

Now, some good news:

I've opened up Stranded On Krydon for modifications. If you want to open up the map, see how it was done and modify it; go right ahead. Want to tune the difficulty? Go for it. Want to continue developing the game and adding feature? Be my guest. Want to turn it into a completely different game? You can." Sadly there are a few glitches I do not know how to fix.


  • Nagnazul for making the original map His website: here, forum: here, Mapster website: here
  • Intanjir for making a modified version which is less laggy and faster
  • Everyone who has given me feedback, for giving me feedback
  • Bilxor for letting me use some assets from his campaign
  • Thrikodias for assets (banelord, stone zealot, and more)
  • Bilxor/CybrosX CybrosX for making the assets for Bilxor's campaign and Bilxor for letting me use them. (Cool SVC and science facility landing hologram)
  • herdal8 for the team colour version of korhal antenna (scanner tower)
  • alleyviper85 for the team coloured restorer and the restorer placement model.