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Starcup Football

This project is experimental.
Its files will not synchronize
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I've created basic mechanics for a football map inspired by world cup. But I'm not huge football fan and I'm not fan of sports games but I can understand people like this kinda of games I've decided just to publish this to public domain hopefully someone inspired by football can create something inspirational.

Atm what map contains is...
- Working football pitch
-  Several stalkers to act as the players (Any unit you make can kick the ball)
- Abilitys to kick the ball further (when use stim ball is kicked further)
- Ball resets when goes off pitch
- When you score messages are displayed and ball resets
- Crowd dances when you score :)
- The Variable ballkicker contains Integer for last player to kick ball

Map is 5players vs 5 players with each player having 2 units
Map is in a playable state when bnet comes up (i think)

- Pitch isn't viewable on low graphic settings Decals used to draw the pitch cant be viewed on low graphics (created basic outline tho with diffrent textures under the decals)
- I tried to make crowd look at ball continuously didn't work (but is doable just haven't worked out yet)
- I think there might be some issues with teams im not sure since bnet isnt up not been able to test it