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This is for people that want to paly the first version on TC Zerg. One day i'll post the new version of this campaing but until that https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pgwmu1Q6yiZcq3MvR93N8hh-xGweOT_O?usp=sharing


Introduction Campaign:

The Zerg threat overcame the power of the Protoss empire and sent them into exile from their own planet. Now without leaders, expelled from their land and forced to live with the Protoss whom they once called traitors. The tribes chose a young Templar to guide them in the darkest times of their history. But in order to gain victory, the new leader must have the blessing of a higher power.


Follow Artanis on his way through different times to save his people.




Prologue Zerg



  1. The titan choice. (Complete)

Instructions ENG

In order for the game to function correctly, the following steps must be followed.

-In the Maps folder there should be a folder called Time convergence
- A folder called Zerg (can create) most be in Time convergence folder were the missions files has to be.
- The mission launcher should also go into the a Time convergence folder.

- Zerg -> Intro, TC 00, ...etc 

Instructions Spanish / Español

Para que el juego funcione correctamente debes seguir los siguientes pasos.

- En la carpeta mapas debe existir una carpeta llamada Time convergence.

- La carpeta Zerg debe ir dentro de la carpeta Time convergence.

- El lanzador de misiones también. 

- Zerg -> Intro, TC 00, ...etc 



Address of the files.
-> Starcraft II
              >- Maps
                        >- Time Convergence
                                          >- Zerg
                                               >- All the missions


Please write any suggestions here . It is much appreciated.


Thanks: All the community (Authors and Jayborino and DeltronLive for showing all your work)