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Just like the old one. Enemies come from the top bottom left and right and all four corners. You spend your money on either more drones for crawlers or for units that do extra damage vs some of the waves! it's set up for 1 player testing and can be altered to play at one of the corners or for multiple people to play

Project Plans

  • Adding more instructions to the beginning of the game.
  • Original Map
  • Added anti-wall ref
  • Added building boundaries.
  • Hopefully increasing the difficulty :)
  • Finally added the siege ability to the siege tanks
  • Increased wave health
  • Greatly improved antiwall ref functionality
  • Lowered spinecrawler damage
  • Raised units damage and added damage bonuses to specific attributes of enemies
  • Balanced enemy HP and shields
  • balance changes to units
    • Marines have stimpack, and an increased attack speed
    • Ghosts have an increases attack speed -Stalkers have more damage and an increased attack speed
    • Archons have increased range from 2 to 2.5
  • Reduced marines attack speed and decreased damage
  • Localized for EU (I hope it works I've never done it before but, hopefully the editor will do it automatically after the 11th patch comes out)
  • Fixed the issue when playing with more that just yourself and all the units kept dieing.

(thanks to saguratus2 for posting these problems)

  • Fixed an issue with marines being able to kill invincible units
  • Fixed an issue with people being able to kill money
  • Fixed the spawning pool dying from people killing the creep tumors that supply them

(Thanks to criss123 and EvilPiper94 for their feedback and input)

  • Increased time before game starts and in between levels by 7 seconds
  • Added a difficulty level only when playing solo
  • Added a maximum DPS next to all buy-able units
  • Added unit type, HP, SP, and armor stats to timer before each level
  • Increased damage and speed to several units
    • Banshee- increased speed from 1.6 to 1.25
    • Siege tank (unsieged)- increased damage to 60 +40armor
    • Roaches- Increased damage to 40 +35Mech and speed from 2 to 1.3
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue, thanks to XiDa
  • Fixed unit walling
  • Fixed units walling again after patch 13
  • Fixed issue with corner spawn movement direction
  • Attempted a fix for the drone beacon crowding
  • Fixed Drone bug
  • Eliminated attack animation for spine crawlers to reduce game lag
  • Added HP to high templar, ultralisk, and baneling waves (also removed light unit type from High Templar and armored unit type from banelings)
  • Gave users an overseer to spawn their units instead of just spawning in the middle of their bases
  • Buffed hydras with more range and faster attack speed
  • Buffed roaches with much more attack speed
  • Nerfed tanks range from 13 to 9 (should reduce their kill stealing ability)
  • Nerfed Archons splash area
  • Tanks no longer hurt themselves or any other units
  • Added leaderboard for kills
  • Nerfed tanks damage vs non-biological units kept biological unit damage the same
  • Zerglings can't be blocked
  • Fixed blocking with seiged tanks
  • Added 20 seconds after game loss to determine who leaked
  • Modified loss areas
  • Fixed for game release
  • Added lurker units