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Shakuras Sea

This map plays on the Planet Shakuras. It Plays in a Sea area with large areas under water. Only small parts of the Map are Islands but dont panic, Units can walk under the Water to a certain level.


The Map is ment to be played as 2vs2 Matchup. Two parties start together on one Island and the Enemy is starting in the Other Corner of the Map.

Known Issues

  • The Players near the Corner of the Map have a little bit more Free Space to build their Base.
  • The Natural Expansion is to close to the Main Bases which leads to even more Space Problems
  • The South Path is shorter than the North Path


  • In the Expansions on the Bottom Right Corner and the Top Left Corner, a Base can be build behind the Ressources at the Map Border.


Overview from the Editor with Starting Points: Shakuras Sea Overview

Analyzed with the Cool Analyzer from sc2mapster. Shakuras Sea Analyzed

Latest Changes

Version 1.7 (9/12/2010)

  • Fixed 1v1 player positioning
  • Changed natural expansion Ressource positions
  • Added some Cliffs near the High Res to remove some Openness in the Area

Version 1.6 (9/8/2010)

  • First Version