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Shadows of the Tal'Darim


Shadows of the Tal'Darim is a 3-part 1-10 player RPG for Starcraft 2.

Shadows of the Tal'darim 1.09 features:

  • 15 Unique heros
  • A hero save system that holds 5 heroes per player
  • Content that adjusts difficulty based on how many players are present (Mobs and bosses have +100% life per player)
  • Content that drops more loot when there are more players present.
  • A Unique Stat-point spending system that allows you to customize your character, and re-spend these stat points freely at any time.
  • A talent system that can unlock new abilities or improve existing abilities.
  • Diablo style followers that get stronger as you get stronger, and level as you level.
  • Over 240 pieces of gear including helms, shoulder, chest, bracer, gloves, boots, rings, shields, trinkets and relics!
  • Drive 1 of 4 different types of vehicles!
  • A waypoint system similar to Diablo.
  • A PVP Arena where 4 or more players can have arena battles and compete for XP and Vespene!
  • Released Dec 28, 2010. Updates every week.

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  • Act I Level 1-25 content
  • Act I Overhead View

The Protoss and the Tal'darim were fighting above restored Haven. Shortly after the Terran colonists sent up a battlecruiser from the surface, a sub-space Vortex opens up above the planet, engulfing several vessels. Trapped and stranded 85 years in the past, our heroes grow tired of waiting for reinforcements

The Tal'Darim have set up fortifications, while they gather enough materials to launch an assault on Aiur (and through their madness, destabilize time itself!)

Players meet up with this quest giver

  • Act II Level 23-50 content
  • Act II Overhead View

After nearly defeating the Destroyer, our heroes head South in pursuit. Chal'marr and his band of Templars have taken over a nearby Tal'darim outpost. This outpost will serve as a temporary sanctuary for Chal'marr's survivors while they investigate the Tal'darims recent expansion into the region.

Act II thumbnail image

  • Act III Level 45-80 content.
  • Act III Overhead View

Near the end of Act 2, one of the Destroyers Dark Archons had mysteriously appeared and stole a powerful crystal artifact that the Destroyer was excavating. The Destroyer was enraged. The Tal'darim Archon opened a time rift and escaped to the present.

With the timelines restored, our heroes return through the temporal vortex, but they pick up a Tal'darim warp trail that leads straight to Korhal! Chal'marr's survivors (on General Larrens Battlecruiser) follow the warp trail to an experimental research facility on Korhal, which is still mostly in ruins after the last Zerg attack.. The Ta'darim Archon (known as Nezzax the Consuming) is harnessing the powers of the crystal to amplify his ability to control human minds!

Act III thumbnail image