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Saron Plains




One of the projects I really wanted to create was a Real Time Strategy Game that shows how it should be done. To first truly use the full potential actually hidden in Real Time Strategy. I played them all: Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Starcraft, Supreme Commander... And then took ten years to develop my own concept in Saron Plains.


It is nothing less but the try to create a Real Time Strategy Game that finally truly uses the potential this genre has. I worked on it for ten years, and now I proudly present:




Enjoy. evader.




"Commander, you know that Humans and Protoss lived together peacefully in the deserts of the Saron Plains for years now. But now our democratic leader Teris has introduced a law clearly putting the Protoss communities at a disadvantage in the mineral mining. The senate abolished the law immediately, but it is too late. Protoss commander Turi gathered some of the clans to battle the democratic senate. Their attacks have started everywhere in the Plains. It is good to see you Commander, your presence on the battlefield is required."



<Unzip, then put the mod file to your Starcraft game directory into the folder "Mods" and put the map files to the folder "Maps".>