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I need some people to beta test this map for me, make sure the costs of buildings etc is balanced.

I have based this on the Battle For Middle Earth map ringwars where some buildings spawned heros and some spawn different troops. It was up to 8 players. You have one of each command center Player 1 + 2 Spawn Together, 3 + 4 together, 5 + 6 together, 7 + 8 together. Troops spawn from buildings periodically depending on what troop it is. To start there is a Super Queen in the middle to stop rushing + for fun. Healing Wolf Statue thanks to Clord (http://forums.sc2mapster.com/development/tutorials/937-trigger-healing-aura-fountain-of-health/)

This will be avaliable to edit WHEN I HAVE FINALISED IT, not before.

I'm looking for someone to make hero's for this map. Contact me if you're interested.

Too do; Increase the size of the map Implement Heros Balance map (Message me if you wish to suggest some balancing) Create a map loading screen image