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You are the commander of an organisation containing the most specialized bountyhunters in the universe. Your job is to command and fullfill five missions with their help.

- Variable difficulty

Installation Instructions

Download the zip file and extract to a temporary directory.

Unzip to your SCII base directory. The file should go to the right folders. If they don't... remember this.

The maps goes into your Starcraft II/maps/Ride the Lightning folder

No mod is needed.

There is two ways to play a campaign:

1. Click and drag the the first map onto your SCII executable. The default difficulty will then be Normal.

2. Click and drag the the first map onto your SCII editor. Then under File/Profiencys/test map u can choose a difficulty between Easy - Brutal. After press Test map button.

Turn your subtitles on (ingame options)