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Madness: Resurrection

This project is experimental.
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This version may still have bugs, as the point of distribution is to help me find/fix all bugs with the map. This map is a recreation of a map from the Original StarCraft game, Madness (Such as Halo Madness or Family Guy Madness) So far there are several game modes: No Teams (FFA), Standard (2v2v2v2), Massive Teams (4v4), and A.I. Waves (Survival/FFA)

Game Modes:

  1. No Teams: Complete free for all, you versus everyone else in the game.
  2. Standard: 2v2v2v2, you and your partner versus other duos, nothing else really special about it.
  3. Massive Teams: 4v4, use tactics to help your allies crush your enemy team's weakest link.
  4. A.I. Waves: A Free for all, but with a twist. A.I. spawn from the middle and attack random players, the units are based on a random selection of any of the active player's unit evolution phase. As you progress the numbers raise, from the standard 3 per 4 seconds, up to 7 per 4 seconds. Will you kill your enemies before the A.I. kills you, or save your forces for a defense?

3.0 (Not Yet Finished) Game Modes:

  1. Shuffle Teams: Every 10 minutes the teams are shuffled, so one second you are about to destroy your enemy, he then becomes your ally, and you must help him recover. (Keep in mind it is completely random)
  2. Underdogs: Ever played Halo Madness on StarCraft 1? Well this is it, minus the Halo theme. 3v2v3. The 2, however, gain an extra 2 units in their cycle.
  3. Assault: Like DotA? Well this is a mix of DotA and Madness custom games. You have units spawn like a normal Madness session, but then 2 Computer allies spawn with you, same phase as you, and then attack the adjacent foe.

Future Game Modes: I hope to add more game modes in the near future, such as a Madness/Tower Defense, Rapid Evolution, and Team vs A.I. game types. These all depend on several factors though, if the game does good I will add these in, and if I can actually create the proper triggers for such a game mode.

Future Game Updates: In the future I hope to also add a few more phases of evolution for players, but this would require massive amounts of trigger reworking. If the game gets popular I sure will add those evolutions in! But until then, I will continue correcting trigger errors rather than trying to make more bugs.

  • Note: There is no direct theme such as "Halo" or "Family Guy" or "Nintendo Characters" etc. They are just random, and some stupid, names of units.
  • Note: A.I. Waves has no way to win, eventually you should become overwhelmed either by the Computer or by other players.

The map is for now in the Experimental section, as I still have many things to do.

Please feel free to leave a comment about the game. I would really appreciate it if people could report problems in my game coding so I can correct and hopefully improve.

Ideas for new units or game modes are most certainly appreciated as well.