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"In a world where krazy kodos run rampant, can you survive for 25 minutes?"

A Warcraft 3 classic, with some new twists! Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos!

+ Kodos which will hunt you down and eat you!
+ Runners which must flee to survive!
+ Mine minerals and harvest trees to build defenses!
+ Construct towers, walls, and train troops to halt the kodo onslaught!
+ Research upgrades to enhance your troops and structures!
+ Collect bounty, level up, and spend skill points for your Hero!
+ Flee as the kodos grow in power as they fall!
+ Survive for 25 minutes with 4 difficulty modes!

Possible new features:
+ Improve Kodo AI
+ Hardcore option?
+ Classic option?

Please notify me if you experience any bugs/errors, especially "Core: Generic Object Generation Error" (notify Blizzard of this one as well, I haven't found ANY information on what it is or how it can happen...)

Contact: (or right here I suppose)

Inspired by 'Kodo Tag' by TinyTauren and 'Krazy Kodo Tag' by Feraligono