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Koprulu Colonists

In this game one player has to conquer planets from other players to win a round. Each player controls one planet at the start of a round. Each planet can issue and receive attacks with small space ships. The amount of ships available for attack and defense on a planet regenerate over time. The larger the planet is, the faster it can regenerate ships. So, once a player conquers more planets, more ships become available for attack.

It is currently available on EU.


There are a few variations on the normal gameplay. Starting from round 3, extra modes will become available. Game modes include:

  • Stealth - Ships are invisible for other players. This allows for sneak attacks
  • Blind - The amount of ships on a planet are invisible to other players.
  • Phenomenal planets - Only large planets with high ship regeneration exist.
  • Plentiful planets - Many small planets with slow regeneration.

Extra features

  • At the start of the game, a short tutorial can be followed.
  • Personal statistics are being kept track of.
  • Global highscores are being kept track of.


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