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You are the sole survivor of your ship's crash, and landed in a big mess : lava is rising around you, and there's ultralisks running around. Luckily, you spotted a sat station not so far ahead. Now if only you could get there alive and call for a lift outta here before the lava engulfs you.

This is a quicly done Escape map with damaging rising lava (Height detection) and units damaging on collision (Region detection). Get the survivor from one side of the map to the other without hitting lava or ultralisks.

Sorry for the ugly terrain :p

Credits to Grum for figuring out the lava's height stuff with me.

Funnier version up : Lava going up and down way faster, but with high spots you have to hide on when lava is high. Added a cool ending too. ^^

Update : Video is up ! Check it out here :