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When a fringe world is invaded by the Zerg, a squad of six soldiers strives to survive amidst the infestation. Not being able to count on help from the Dominion, they must rely on each other to escape the planet. Their only chance is a medivac located in the nearby Dominion base. The only catch is, hundreds of Zerg are in the way...

Fringe is a cooperative RPG designed to emphasize combat, rather than standing around managing items or assigning points. The players must move through the map to complete objectives, while fighting against a variety of computer controlled Zerg. Heroes can be revived after a short delay, but if all heroes are dead at the same time, all players lose.


  • Up to six players supported.
  • Difficulty scales with player count.
  • Six different heroes, with up to 5 abilities.
  • Automatic level up and attribute system.
  • Revive system to get you quickly back in the fight.
  • Sparse inventory designed to place focus on action.
  • Heroes have personalities and will talk amongst each other.