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SC2 Dialog Designer (Map)


A huge problem with the dialogs in the Starcraft 2 Editor is the preview : you must to launch the game to see if what you want will be the same in game.

This map have a simple aim : to help developpers to make dialogs in game. After that, a developper can go to the editor and reproduce the same dialog interface, but by having all offsets, width, height you will need, without to test your map every 3 seconds.

By the way, this step is also boring. Another idea is to get a code that you can add in your map to get exactly the same result than Dialog Designer. You spare a lot of time if you want to do a lot of dialogs.

See the links below to get all information you want.

Demonstration Videos

Version 1.1 Beta (named Beta 1)

Version 1.4 Beta (named Beta 3)

About map use

The map is free and unprotected. All triggers are made with GUI. You can use all code in the map or edit it if you want.


Additional assets

See Assisted Dialog Library to import dialogs set in this program into your project.

Project paused

Due to a lot of work at school. I would like to revamp this for March/April 2012.