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Unification of Purifiers is a campaign created by me (CybrosX) for Starcraft 2 LoTV. Cybros is under threat. After Endion was cleansed of life, unknown signals have received purifiers on Cybros. Executor Coros has sent a team of Purifiers to explore these mysterious locations that somehow survived the planet’s destruction. You must find out what's happening on Endion before it's too late.

How to install

  • Create folder UoP in your Starcraft II/Maps folder. Then put all misisons in.


  • New Assets
  • New Character
  • Fully voice acted
  • Cybros ability Panel
  • Contains a few cutscenes


  • Mission 01 - Purification
  • Mission 02 - Greater Threat
  • Misison 03 - New Enemy
  • Mission 04 - Unification

Difficulty Levels

You can choose the difficulty at the left bottom corner.

  • Casual: A difficulty requiring little to no multitasking and micro skills, featuring less enemies and focus on story.
  • Normal: A difficulty requiring minor multitasking and micro skills, featuring fewer enemies and focus on story and minor challenges.
  • Hard: A difficulty requiring good multitasking and micro skills, featuring a high number enemies and focus on challenges and entertainment.
  • Brutal: A difficulty requiring great multitasking and micro skills, featuring tremendously more enemies and heavy focus on challenge.



  • Gradius12
  • Comrade Crimson
  • herdal8


  • SamsaraNoMas
  • Hockleberry
  • Supernova134
  • Bilxor
  • Tergand