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CTF Arena

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Take 3 parts (Capture the Flag), wisk gently and add 6 parts of (Hero Arena), Mix thoroughly and incinerate until crispy. Basically the idea,

Capture the flag, 3v3 geared in the direction of DOTA/Hero Arena.

Capturing the flag is only considered a bonus, or leading to a score. There are 6 flags, a team would have to go through a maze to find an opponents flag (maybe just a simple one) within their respectable base. Experience points stays with the player, and they have a choice to switch their heros at any given time, the experience and items will carry over; this would put an emphasis on micro and unit counters, while working with your team. When you kill an opponent, their weapon gets added to yours. For example; Zealots have Psi Blades PSI blades will do 10 Damage in this example If the zealot kills a zergling, he then uses Psi Blades and Claws Claws doing 5 Damage as well The Zealot could then use Claws and blades to do 10 damage, then 5, or both given timing Since this type of stacked attack would grow to a large amount of damage, take the total amount of the weapons the zealot has, and divide it by the total damage, then scale each weapon damage down a bit to equal the average damage So, instead of doing 15 damage, he will do something like 11. Those are the ideas i have so far.

I dont have time to finish the map, and i think it'd be popular, if anyone wants to take on the idea, please do, i'd love to play it.

I was also playing around with the ideas of items, specials, flag compensation, flag defenses, and minigames.

The game is intended to mix different ideas so players can experience a fresh game each time they play it.