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This was made in Korean. And it`s very anoying to me to change ALL KOREAN to ENGLISH..

so I`ll just explain here how each hot key works.

q : upgrade your damage(up to 20, 10mineral)

w : upgrade your shield capacity and shield regen rate(up to 20, 10mineral)

e : upgrade your shield armor(up to 10, 15mineral)

r : recover your shield by 600(10mineral 5sec cooldown)

d : set a mini nuclear on your location which bomb in 5sec. not very strong. (nuc will not count kill and u can`t get minerals by nuc)

f : Force Field. your colossus ignore this.(30 mana and mana regen 0.4 by 1second)

z : upgrade your attack speed(up to 5, 20mineral)

x : upgrade your move speed(up to 5, 25mineral)

c : upgrade your range and splash(up to 2, 50mineral)

v : use 20 minerals to get 100 mana

I Think this is very hardcore survival and even I havn`t clear this yet. But someone has cleared this already.

Good luck to you