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How to Install

Download the campaign and extract it into Starcraft II/Maps/WotT Campaign. All maps must be in WotT Campaign folder inside Starcraft II/Maps. Then play it through the launcher. If you don't do it, the campaign won't work properly.


  • Cutscenes
  • Unique Characters (+ old blizz character Alarak)
  • Upgradable army
  • Fun challenges for each mission


"A unique campaign with an interesting take on the Tal'darim storyline, professional terraining, fun gameplay mechanics and strong atmosphere which immerses the player into the world"

  • - DudkiSC2 , Mapmaker


Ras'Gul was once a templar, before all of this. Everything was set into motion when Amon was revived. The Tal'darim were slaves of the dead god but Ras'Gul denied. As a punishment, Amon infested Ras'Gul with his shadows. However, once again, Ras'Gul denies. He was sent into exile, into the void. But after Amon's death, he prepared himself, for his revenge! Tal'darim must face an enemy, worse than Amon itself!



Mission Pack #1

  • 00 - Intro (Released)
  • 01 - Awakened Evil (Released)
  • 02 - Echoes of Death (Released)
  • 03 - Temple of the Damned (Released)
  • 04 - Path to Power (Released)

Mission Pack #2

  • 05 - Forgotten Whisper (Released)
  • 06 - Coming End (Released) (Final Mission)








  • Samsara - Testing
  • Blizzard - Ras'Gul's model
  • DudkiSC - tester
  • Xibadivs and SoulFilcher for Taldarim Collection Stalker model
  • Big Thanks to Pr0nogo and StringStorm for Voice Acting.
  • Thanks to ArcadeRenegade for his talent tree


email: pato.seidl@gmail.com