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Published on SEA, US and EU Realms
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Latest Changes -

Version 0.974


  • New Sounds for Zealot
  • New Sounds for Dark Templar
  • New Sounds for Protoss Building Warp in
  • New Sounds for Wraith
  • New Sounds for Vulture
  • New Sounds for Siege Tank
  • New Sounds for Science Vessel
  • New Sounds for Goliath
  • New Sounds for Ghost
  • New Sounds for Battlecruiser
  • New Model for Creep Colony
  • Added Protoss Music
  • New Stats/Ranking System - should now work correctly
  • Replaced ingame timer with a Real Time Timer (it displays Time Elapsed in Real Time, not Game Time)


  • Textures that had to be reduced in quality due to battle.net limitations have been returned to full quality
  • Removed Stim Ability from Bunker
  • Gas Harvest Time increased from 1.9810 > 2.1500 (Reverted)
  • Reduced Deceleration of SCV/Drone/Probe (Reverted)
  • Rally Hotkey for SC1 Profile changed from Y > R
  • Time it takes for a worker to mine a Mineral Field increased from 4.592 > 5.4
  • Time between when a worker finishes mining and when he starts to return to the CC/Nexus/Hatch reduced from 0.5 > 0.0
  • Dark Templar Hotkey for SC2 Profile changed from R > E
  • Corsair Hotkey for SC2 Profile changed from R > E
  • Rebalanced all units Acceleration and Deceleration


  • Fixed stupid Pathing Blockers on Heartbreak Ridge that should of never been there in the first place (center highground)
  • Reworked more unpathable areas, removed alot of trees to fix pathing issues and blocked vision problems
  • Fixed Siege Tanks grabbing the double damage rune in the river and bloodlusting my ass because my jackass team didn't ward it!
  • Hotkeys should now be correct for all locales