blank space - broken map will start downloading in 5 seconds...


editor version 1.3.4 (18701)

this map has a broken camera. when loaded its way un in the air but scroll like its very close to the ground. pressing the middle mouse button or the menu selection to return the camera the to game default doesnt do anything, even when the camera is moved away from it original position

its an empty map that i created with: - custom dependances, adding campaign - 256 x 256 - castinar tileset with tiles as the defeault placement - ground height 8 with no variance

i picked the lower cliff tool and removed all the land and saved it as "blank space".sc2map ( i only typed in the blank space part, the extension auto'd ). note: i saved the file in 2 different spots as the first one defaulted to somewhere i didnt like.

after closing and reopening the editor shortly later the camera was bugged, i tried loading the file from both places it was saved, same thing. i restarted the editor twice and loaded each one first, same thing.

ive never had anything like this happen in the editor before. maybe im lucky