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This is a full length battlefield

i need somene to make the pylon have an acnhored spawn point in it. so it can have a moving unit portal

when u loook at the map ull see its going to be radiant (check battlecraft ultimate) http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/battlecraft-ultimate/files/

involving income

mass units

upgrade timers leader board and the like

pylons that can lift off and move.

battlecraft Master

a clash between time portals

check out the map tileset for open design teams

halo art full (viewable in editor and in game but camera disabled)

artifact 1 capture . . . A1 | capture first lane : unlocks x,x,x<n/><n/>artifact 2 capture . . . A2 | destroy merc base / capture crystal relay<n/><n/>artifact 3 capture . . . A3 | Push enemy back to star gate in Dimension PRESENT<n/><n/>artifact 4 | capture . . . A4 | Push into Enemy World | Capture / Conquer / Disable<n/><n/>

Objective 5 | Annhilate Origin of Enemy (their portal closes mode (005) begins<n/> - 005 mode => all allies now split into opposing team <n/> . return beaten enemies to new teams as WINGMeN<n/><n/>

artifact 5 | there can be only one<n/>