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Terran Tank MkIII

Upgraded from the Mk2, the Mk3 (written in roman cypher) has improved combat systems. Improved optics for enhanced target acquisition and tracking, effectively replacing the old confederate rangefinder lens. In place for the rangefinder, a second shi...

Spawning Pool Retexture

On request from Zarxiel, Spawning pool is darkened and given slightly more teamcolor.

Button Pack 01

Some buttons which can be used for a hero unit. Featuring Health, Shields, Speed, Repair, Power Pack, Weapon and various Weapon Upgrades.

Borg Cube

Borg Cube

Aiur Lancer

A request: Aiur Lancer.

Aiur Lancer Hero

A request: Aiur Lancer (hero skin)

TA_Devourer Portrait

On request of Davespectre122, a portrait for AlleyVipers TA_Devourer model. Model works with LotV Campaign depency. Only model-file is included.

Talon Icons Set

All the compliments and credits to supply the Talon icons go to Davespectre122. The Set includes command button icons and wireframes.

Main Battle Tank (MBT)

The main focus of Project RevEX: Development and construction of retro-advanced MBTs for the Terran military engine. These are second generation Battle Tanks, built for the sole purpose of large scale warfare on the frontlines.

Flame Tank

An offshoot of Project RevEX: Development and construction of retro-advanced weapons of war for the Terran military engine. The Flame Tank is reinstigated as the primary weapon of terror as it was during the old days in the field.

Talon Forged Pack 2.0

Hidden amongst the Tal'Darim ranks the Talon Reforged begin to show their faces. A blaze of fire and destruction is all these relentless fanatics leave behind them. Talon Forged 2.0 Pack release, adds 2 new units skins and fixes an issue with the Adept.

Noir Series: Bay-Ar

From the Noir Series by Edrianho. Bay-Ar

Noir Series: Cad-Ar (Forged version)

From the Noir Series by Edrianho. This version is based on the original Cad-Ar/Forged Adept used in the Noir: Automata Campaign.

Noir Series: Cad-Ar

From the Noir Series by Edrianho. Cad-Ar

Noir Series: Sin-Ar

From the Noir Series by Edrianho. With approval of Edhriano, this model of Sin-Ar is a what-if scenario.

Virtuality Goliath

Updated and improved Goliath Kitbash.A Goliath that came from the realm of the digital frontier [Tron]


Project Thunderbolt. Known as codename for the creattion of a sizable mechanized army.

Heavy Thunderer

Project Thunderbolt. Known as codename for the creattion of a sizable mechanized army.

Scorpion Cell Unit Pack

Part of the recreation of several Talon units in red.

Scorpion Cell Structures

On request for the Scorpion Cell mod by Ahrimansiah

Scorpion Cell Damaged Cyborg

It can be damaged or dismembered, but the Enlightened will not relent until its target is annihilated or its core processor is vaporized.

Purifier Robotics Bay

A request, Reskinned Robotics Support Bay for the Purifiers

Purifier Particle Cannon

A request for a Purifier skinned defensive turret. Repurposed my Particle Cannon and reskinned for usage in Purifier ranks.

Purifier Hover Drone

Request: Small, innocent and deceptively cute. The Hover Drone is a multipurpose utility machine that can grant many advantages in combat.

Purifier Artillery Cannon

The Purifiers devise new ways to safeguard their bases. The Artillery Cannon is capable of unleashing havoc amongst attacking enemies.

Purifier Zeratul

What Purifier tech can do for a hero. Zeratul has enhanced abilities thanks to machine-appendages.

Purifier Hover Drone Type2

Request: Small and deceptively innocent. The Hover Drone is a multipurpose utility machine that can grant many advantages in combat.


No one really knows who created these machines. But ever since their first appearance... Fear has received a new meaning, even to the brave Protoss still fighting today.

Missile Bike

A request Engineered from the combined parts of a Hellion, SCV and fitted with Missile Launchers.

Sniper Charlotte

Deemed unfit for the Ghost program, but very succesful as an assassin/bounty hunter/freelancer. Charlotte will kill your mark... for the right price.

Predator Tank

Inspired by C&C, the Predator finds its way stylized as an SC2 Terran weapon of war.

Female Soldier

Tired of being bullied and commanded around by the brass of a corrupt Terran facility. Having Fetched the assault rifle of a Marine she fought her way to freedom.


A Protoss collaborator and agent of a secret organisation. Arclight stalks her prey and when the time is right, a storm is called down upon the victim. Credits to JacktheArcher and Ghostnova for the Vindicator Weapon (source for the Arclight)

Arclight with Cloak

Arclight wearing a cloak

The Golden Age Cyber

A remnant from a time nearly forgotten. During the Golden Age of expansion, some secrets were buried to never be found again.

The Golden Age Immortal

In several instances, fallen warriors would be placed in an Immortal skeleton that used different types of material reminiscent to those the Nerazim used. While it was frowned upon, these Nerazim stylized Immortals still "Threw down with the best of them".

Deprecated Zealot

Deprecated Stalker

Deprecated Immortal (old)

Deprecated Adept (type 1)

Adept version 1, featuring standard issue backwing.

Deprecated Adept (type 2)

Adept version 2, featuring an alternate type backwing.

Deprecated Colossus

Deprecated Stone Zealot


Deprecated Planet Killer

Deprecated Vindicator

Deprecated Immortal

Deprecated Sentry

Deprecated Defender

Can deploy into a stationary turret defense.

Deprecated Tempest

Deprecated Building Pack

Ha'tak Mothership

Palm Tree Set

Credits model and textures: Killst4r

The Shadow

A blurry image appears bfore you... A scream... and then silence... Credits 3D Model: Michael Smike

The Shadow Fighter (Reversed)

This version has reversed direction movement. Credits 3D Model: Evelio Perez-Albuerne

The Shadow Scout

Credits 3D Model: Mindless Productions

The Shadow Fighter

This version has correct movement direction according to the original series Credits 3D Model: Evelio Perez-Albuerne

Deprecated Probe

On rather popuar request as it seems. Hereby a Deprecated version of the Probe

Deprecated Cruiser & FWing

Deprecated Phoenix

Scholar of Khalis (Dark Templar)

A master of the shadows and believed to be an equal to Zeratul himself. It is believed he kept watch over the Khalis when it fell into terrans hands, making sure it remained safe.

Ascendant of Uraj

An experienced Templar who has studied the Khala and the source of its strength. It is said he was also present when the fabled Uraj Crystal was forged.

Twilights Reckoning

When the Ascendant and Scholar found themselves at the brink of annihilation, they merged to unleash the power of Twilights Reckoning, an Archon like no other.

Drone Tank Pack

A collection of Drone Tanks.

Medium Tank Pack

A collection of modern stylized battle tanks.