Plazma's Custom Buttons and Icons

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A project for my buttons and icons.


This project includes:

-Color variations of buttons

-Custom buttons for unused assets or custom models of others' models


give me requests pls


Current Re-Colored Packs:

Blink Set (Stalker Blink, Blink Charges [Instigator], Zeratul/Dark Templar Blink)

Feedback Set

Shadowfury Set

Shadowcannon Set (Annihilator / Nerazim Immortal ability)

Immortal Barrier Set

Forcefield Set

Chrono Boost Set

Sacrifice Set (Taldarim High Templar/Ascendant Ability)

Cloak Set (Features Heroic Variant)


Astral Wind Set (Features Moonlight edits)

Snipe Set (Features Heroic, Sepia and Custom variants)

Lasers Set (Derived from, recolored)

Armor Piercing Set (Derived from, recolored)


Current Custom Buttons:

Preserver Button

Wasp Button (GhostNova)

Apocalisk Button

Protoss Sanctum Button

Psi-Link Spire Button


Have a request? Message me or comment what button you'd like made or recolored. If the model you want is a custom model of someone else's, please provide an image of the model.



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