The Talon Faction

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Talon Worker

The Talon counterpart to the conventional Probe. Talon Workers are used for warping in buildings.

Talon Hunter

As the frontline warrior, the Talon Hunters have hardened their prowess and increased their skill in combat. These upgraded Hunters have arrived to seal the deal.

Talon Predator

Predators are widely known as the Biocrafters' frontline warriors. Having received a basic form of biological augmentation, the Predators are a force to be reckoned with.

Talon Cyber Hunter

Started as a secret project during the Purifier Uprising, A Talon faction experimented with advanced cybernetics to enhance their Hunter warriors. Unknown even to the Protoss, It was the Cyber Initiative that incited the Revolt

Talon Adept

Stolen from the Daelaam during the reclaimation of the Purifier program. Talon Adepts use heavily modified versions of the arm-cannon. Note, Credits for portrait: Hammer107

Talon Lancer

A crossover creation by Talon extremists. By replacing the arm glaive by a heavily modified, more powerful psiblade generator. Lancers charge along with Hunters to pierce any enemy that makes the deadly mistake of engaging in melee combat.

Talon Cyber Adept

After being stripped from any individuality, the cyberized Adepts charge relentlessly into combat.

Talon Angelwing

After witnessing Kahlani's succes during her vigorous training, several Adept warriors have customized their combat atire to show their admiration of her. Because of this, fellow Talon often refer to them as Angelwings.


The Talon stole several Sentries from the Daelaam and reengineered them as servitores for the Talon Empire.

Talon Paladin

Hardened by the trial of time Paladin warriors have proven themselves as formidable warriors. Together with cunning Talon engineering, only the finest Paladin exoskeletons are crafted.

Talon Advanced Paladin

While they were originally built for the sole purpose of being better than the conventional Paladin, their more royal exterior gave them more standing with the elite forces. As a result, they are now widely adopted by the Forgers

Talon Subjugator

Former Stalkers that were captured, experimented on and eventually subverted to Talon rule. The Subjugators that emerged now stalk their prey without question.

Talon Silent

If the Golem is the Biocrafters' signature abomination, then the Silent are those of the Cyber Initiative. Constructed from bodyparts of fallen Hunters and attached to an all-terrain exoskeleton frame, the Silent truly bear the image of fear.

Talon Enlightend

Heavily inspired by the (almost) namesake of C&C3. The Enlightend are the advanced and heavily armed cybernetic troopers of the Cyber Initiative. Armed with a powerful Particle Cannon and Disruptor, the Enlightend can disable an entire army in its tracks.

Talon Eradicator

Nobody knows exactly where the Eradicators came from or who engineered them. all what is known is that the Cyber Initiative started to deploy them after an... occurrence.

Talon Harbinger

Talon Hunters who continue to learn and evolve their psionic abilities are to become Harbingers. Harbingers are capable of casting tremendously powerful psionic abilities. It is even whispered that some may sacrifice themselves to give birth to an Archon.

Talon Acolyte

Acolytes are the Talon covert assassins. In ancient times they were trained by Dark Templar which they regarded as masters of the shadows. That time however is long past and now the Acolytes only fend for themselves.

Talon Archon

Formed after the merger of 2 Harbingers. Talon Archons radiate a turbulent purple glow that sets them separate from the other factions' Archons.

Talon Dark Templar

Some claim to have seen Dark Templar that bear the colours of the Talon. Others claim there's no such thing. Credits for unit model and textures to Alleyvipersc2.

Talon Pacifier

Another servitor of the Cyber Initiative. Integrating advanced artificial combat AIs within the husk of Particle Cannons gave birth to the Pacifiers, able to incapacitate a foe.

Talon Watcher

The Talon's eye in the sky. While Watchers are not as elegant and compact as the Protoss Observer, Watchers have more sensitive detection systems boasting a wider spectrum to reveal.

Talon Phase Prism

Transportation vessel for the Talon assault forces

Talon Crusader

By use of advanced technology, fatally injured warriors are transplanted into the exoskeleton of the fearsome Crusader assault strider. They unleash judgement via their powerful phase cannons

Talon Royal Crusader

Having served valiantly on the battlefield, elitist Crusaders are honered with the status of Defenders of the Armada. Armed with their royal stature and heavy tripple Phase Cannons they are an opponents true nightmare.

Talon Tiamath

Colossi were locked away on numerous ancient Protoss worlds. One such world became under Talon control and upon dicovering the Colossi, the Talon awakend them by use of their advanced cybernetics. These tiamaths now serve the Talon Empire.

Talon Berserker Tiamath

A special type of Tiamath used by the Cyber Initiative. The Berserker Tiamaths utilize thulian crystals to power their weapons, resulting in a bright purple hue.

Talon Proton Crusader

An alternate form of the Crusader developed by the Biocrafters as a method to terminate failed experiments. Particulairly Goh'Rren is a fanatical who happily utilizes Proton Crusaders during combat where they can employ their devastating Proton Blaze.

Talon Disruptor

As part of the cyber-initiative the Talon experimented with robotic entities to base their designs on. Originally though of as a compact handheld explosive, the Disruptor is the eventual very big and smart brother; Autonomous and devastating.

Talon Golem

The signature menace of the wicked Biocrafters. At the pinnacle of biogenetic engineering they created the Golem, a fearsome and towering creature revered by Talon frontline warriors.

Talon Behemoth

One of the Biocrafters top secret projects. Where the Biocrafters provocated the other factions with the Golem. It was not their only type. In their wicked minds, what would be more menacing than a Golem with a big-ass Beamcannon strapped to its arm.

Talon Vaporizer

Engineered as an alternative for the Tiamath. The Vaporizer uses its massive beam-cannon to unleash an equally devastating force as the Tiamath, while being only a fraction of its size.

Talon Vindicator

Forgotten long ago, but recently a fully intact Vindicator was recovered by the Talon. The artifact now serves as the template for numerous drone-unit Vindicator.

Talon Bloodwing

Talon Bloodwings are developed as a third generation air-superiority fighter craft that would surpass the Phoenix.

Talon Warp Ray

Stolen from the Nerazim, the Talon Void Ray is heavily modified with similar technology that also powers the Thanos Beam weapons for Crusaders. Classed as an Assault Ship, the Talon Void Rays strike with unrelenting force.

Talon Oracle

Known amongst the Talon as a Plasma Caster, this Talon version of the Nerazim Oracle can use its Pulsar Beam to quickly dispose of small threads.

Talon Starwing

An adoption of the Talon Oracle and modified for more drect and upfront utility.

Talon Carrier

Remnants from the great war, the Talon do not utilize large armada's of Carrier class vessels. Instead they maintain the larger super carriers to serve as the command vessels for their assault forces.

Talon Scout

While the Scout has been long since replaced by the more agile Phoenix, the Scout was never actually surpassed with their heavy-damage anti-air missiles. The Scout therefore, is still used within the Talon armada.

Talon Dominator

The Talon Dominator uses advanced Talon Hex-Shields to form and contain a miniature singularity via its tethers. Upon reaching critical mass, the Dominator discharges a devastating force.

Talon Redeemer

A very uncommon sight amongst Talon forces. If any Mothership Cores exist, they are controlled by the Cyber Initiative and re-adopted as Redeemers, protectors of an outpost.

Talon Mothership

Unlike the Tal'Darim, the Talon are rarely to field Motherships. Where the Tal'Darim Deathfleet is always acompanied by one such vessel, the Talon First-Assault Armada feels it would only slow them down.

Talon Deathwing

Some believe it to be a practical joke from Angelwings. Regardless of the origin, the wing-bearing Tiamaths have become known as the Deathwings.

Talon Executor Portraits

Talon forward command bases are often lead by Executors.

Talon Citadel

The Citadel is the equivalent of the Nexus. These huge pyramid-shaped structures are at the heart of any Talon settlement and act as the lifeline between them.

Talon Upgraded Citadel

Larger Talon command bases are often signified by a more imposing Citadel.

Talon Assimilator

The Talon Assimilator is an advanced automated processing facility for either Vespene or Terrazine gas. Based on the type of the source, Assimilator luminate a bright green or purple hue as a direct result from the gas refinement proces.

Talon Pylon

Like all Protoss, the Talon use Pylons to power their facilities.

Talon Pylon Upgraded

An advanced variant of the Pylon using only 3 stabilizing tethers.

Talon Portal

Talon Portals are used to warp-in infantry ground forces. Just like the Gateway, Portals can be upgraded to Warp Gates.

Talon Cyber Core

Once the Cyber Core was held in high regard. It allowed for the ability to prolongue the life of a fallen warrior. However since the Cyber Initiative transformed these structures to the heart of their wicked practices, its elegance quickly faded.

Talon Forge

Ever wondered how the Talon manage to construct such advanced and awesome Psi-Blades? The Forge is where its all achieved.

Talon Particle Cannon

A basic defensive tool for any Talon command base. Partile Cannons are fully autonomous and recognize friend from foe.

Talon Heavy Particle Cannon

A wicked mix of Crusader Cannons attached to the Particle Cannon regulator sphere and a new tool was created. While more difficult to maintain, their defensive capabilities should not be under estimated.

Talon Robotics Facility

Talon Robotics Facilities allow for the warp in of the Talons enforcer troops. With the right support facilities, even the mighty Tiamath can be brought into battle.

Talon Robotics Bay

In order to construct the most advanced of the robotic warmachines the Talon use modified versions of the Robotics Support Bay.

Talon Obelisk

Once these gaint towers struck fear in any warrior that gazed upon them. And the very last memory they had was that of a bright purple flash before they met their end.

Talon Vaporizer Turret

Seeing the effectiveness of the Vaporizer, the Forgers redesigned it also as a defensive platform to strenghten their strongholds. Even before the attackers get in range, they already suffer great losses.

Talon Stargate

Talon Stargates allow the First-Assault Armada to rapidly warp in to even the most distant worlds. Many Talon also consider it a majestic sight to see one of their massive spacecrafts being materialized in the event horizon.

Talon Fleet Beacon

In order to warp-in the Talons most impressive spacecraft: the Carrier, a Fleet Beacon is needed to increase the stability and size of the warpfield required. Furthermore the Fleet Beacon holds some of the most advanced technologies for continuous support.

Talon War Council

Before a great campaign, the War Council is often the place for a commander or group of commanders to discuss their battleplan. Also, the War Council often is a sacret sanctuary for Hunters and Harbingers to steel their minds.

Talon Archives

The Archives is the hub of information and intelligence for the entirety of the Talon. Lately the Cyber Initiative has aggressively used the Archives to store the vast network of their dataweb.

Talon Harbinger Shrine

The Talon Harbinger Shrine draws the energies of fallen warriors in battle. Harbingers also refer to it as the Shrine of the souls and allows them to draw strength and educate themselves.

Talon Augmentor

An extreme of the Biocrafters' biogenetic research. The Augmentor is basically a genetic manipulator that allows for the infusion of biological material with new artificial properties.

Talon Shrine

The Talon Shrine. Dark Templar have once stood before them, training a group of Dark Acolytes. Now the Acolytes use the shadows in an equal manner.

Talon Shield Battery

Reverse engineered from khalai shield batteries and made compatible with the Talons unique power grid.

Talon Hero: Gradius II

An ever elusive Talon fighter aircraft that has the uncanny habit of appearing and disappearing from a space battle. As the origins of the pilot are largely unknown, it is often referred to by name of the craft itself.

Talon Hero: Volchron the Hunter

Champion of the Talon First-Assault Armada. This is the storymode version featuring purple Warp Blades.

Talon Hero: Volchron (Teamcolor)

Champion of the Talon First-Assault Armada. This is the game mode version featuring teamcolored Warp Blades.

Talon Hero: Elkyrian the Tormentor

While the Forgers are known to be the more peaceful of the Talon, that rule certainly does not apply to all. In fact, the exact opposite can be said for Elkyrian. A supreme Paladin enforcer who is known for his brutal ways of battle. Credits Davespectre122

Talon Hero: Kahlani

Trained by Volchron, champion of the First-Assault Armada, Kahlani uses a psionic spear and an arm-mounted rail-accelerator cannon to combat her foes. Because of her potential Volchron intends to have Kahlani compete in the next Talon ritual combat.

Talon Hero: Dark Crown

Clouded by mystery, a rogue cyber-like hunter of the shadows has made his appearance. He's known only as The Dark Crown. Credits model belong to Alleyviper85

Talon Hero: Nok'Ryss the Crystalmancer

Experimentation with infusion crystals is a dangerous endeavor. It took the Biocrafters many instable and failed experiments before achieving feats like the Golem. However, a special subject has defied every expectations ever established.

Talon Crystalwing

The Crystalwings are a product of the infusion experiments first executed on Adept warriors that had gone missing/or were reported killed during conflicts internally or with other Protoss factions. They were stripped from their standard armaments.

Talon Crystalwing (Air)

The Crystalwings are a product of the infusion experiments first executed on Adept warriors that had gone missing/or were reported killed during conflicts internally or with other Protoss factions. They were stripped from their standard armaments.

Talon Auxilaries

A collection of ability and upgrade icons and weapon models.

Talon Arc Star

A flagship in the league of the Spear of Adun. Similar to the ancient khalai vessel, the Arc Star heralds from a time long distant. Now after a long time it surfaces again.