The Talon Faction

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Talon Faction

Talon Faction

Background story

History: The Talon are a faction of the Protoss. While their history among the Protoss is largely shrouded in mystery, recorded history shows that the Talon have always been present at the beginning of momentous events, mostly resulting in a war-torn Protoss society. Above all others it is strongly believed by the Khalai Protoss that the Talon had a large hand in the Purifier Uprising.

Whether it was by convincing the Purifiers to rise up against those who’d call them their masters, or that they were the ones who’d believe that the Purifiers were mere machines for them to control is unknown, but whichever one it was, it resulted in an all-out war between the Protoss Tribes and the Purifiers.

Near the end of the Aeon of Strife when Adun introduced the Khala, the Talon were amongst those who vicously opposed it. Even before the exile of the Nerazim, most of the Talon left Aiur in several supercarriers in order to found a new civilization of their own. Amongst those which were left behind they merged themselves in with the Nerazim and Tal'Darim in order to learn and gather intel.


Talon society: Now secluded from other Protoss, the Talon have built a society around the idea of ‘Advancement is survival’ which is demonstrated to exist in several methods of achievement. First there’s the general populace and practitioners of the ancient system, which is still loosely based on the Templar caste. To this branch belong the common Hunters and Harbingers that train themselves to further develop their psionic strengths. They still refer to themselves as ‘Templar’ according to the ancient traditions, but without the involvement of the Khala. An offshoot of this branch are fanatic scientists who have gone mad with biological augmentation. While their approach is very unique even to their Templar brethren, they are no separate branch of their own. These ‘mad scientists’ however are solely responsible for the appearance of biologically augmented abominations, with the Golem as their most heralded creation. Next to the Templar there’s the ‘Forgers’ branch. These can be considered the engineers of Talon vessels and keepers of history. The Forgers use technological aspects to empower their warriors. Paladin and Crusader assault walkers are amongst their most common equipment. The Forgers are also responsible for the maintenance of the Talon Armada and preserving Talon history. Last but not least is a offshoot of the Forgers that has developed an unshakable belief that technology is meant to replace the feeble organic matter and convert the psionic potential to a powersource for cybernetics and other forms of machinery. This branch used to be known as the Talon tech branch. They are the ones ultimately responsible for the cyber-initiative and reclamation of Purifier technologies. Because of this wicked belief in transforming into cybernetic versions, and as such more powerful than flesh-based or hybrid designs this branch is also known as the ‘Cyber’ branch.


Established rule: In the beginning the varying branches declared a ruling based on supremacy, which was ultimately based on a clash of several warriors and whoever emerged victorious became the leading force of the Talon, allowing them to further press their views of Talon advancement. As a result of this, frequent eruptions of overthrowing the exsting government occurred’. The deaths of warriors on account of such inadequate practice repulsed the Talon and before long this was replaced by a form of ritual combat between all branches allowing them to field their best ‘representative’ in an attempt to declare victory for their branch and gain rule over the Talon. By strict agreement this ritual combat would be held once every revolution of the planet around its star, allowing each branch equal time and chance to secure one cycle of ‘ruling-time’. In order to prevent genocide every new rule, the First-Assault Armada holds watch over the entirty of the Talon under command of a council of ‘masters’.