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This is a project that I have created which features some Terran units and buildings from each Terran organization in the Starcraft Universe. These are fan interpretations on how they supposed to look like in in-game and even lore. If anyone is interested in joining this project, please PM me or write a comment.


List of Terran factions in progress:


  • Moebius Corps / Moebius Foundation - 70 %
  • Kel - Morian Combine - 20 %
  • Umojan Protectorate - W.I.P (Concepts of unit and building models are still planned)
  • Terran Dominion - W.I.P (Concepts of unit and building models are still planned)
  • Defenders of Man - W.I.P (Concepts of unit and building models are still planned)

Possible other terran factions such as sub factions:

  • Dominion Kill Squad
  • Dominion Elite Guard
  • Raynor's Raiders


Some new or updated models sometime required HoTS and LotV dependencies or else your map will get banned or the unit's model will not function properly during gameplay or not display the textures correctly. Also, I don't take requests and you are allowed to make ideas/suggestions.


These models can be used in custom maps or mods. Also, with the release of the Nova Covert Ops mission pack by Blizzard, most of my future models will be needing a Nova Covert Ops dependency in the editor.