SoulFilcher's Models

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Stalker Taldarim Collection

Stalker Taldarim Collection

Siege Tank with helmet

Siege Tank with helmet

Quillgor (Space cow) with team colors

Quillgor (Space cow) with team colors

Drone Pack

Drone Pack

Nerazim Probe Pack

Nerazim Probe Pack.

Heroes of the Storm Cyclone

Heroes of the Storm Cyclone model.

Karax Servitors Pack

Karax Servitors Pack.

Tempest Pack

Tempest pack.

Nerazim Warp Prism

Nerazim Warp Prism.

Nerazim Scout

Nerazim Scout.

Nerazim Carrier and Interceptor

Nerazim Carrier and Interceptor.

Purifier Rogue AI (Team colors)

Model from LotV campaign edited to use team colors.

Dark Shrine and Obelisk bases

The bases without the upper parts.

Dropship Variations

Dropship model with texture variations. 2 standard textures, 1 camo texture and 1 "medical" texture I found in SC2 files.

Ion Cannon

SC1 Ion Cannon made form WoL's Data Core building.

Hybrid Hydralisk

An idea I had over an year ago. A hybrid hydralisk, as unit or hero who knows.

Billboard: Mar Sara

I'm working on road signs and billboards based on SC1 doodads.

Mothership Core

Mothership Core custom model based on the Mothership.


The juvenile Metroid from Metroid series, taken from a Castanar doodad.

Scantipede modifications

I'm planning modifications to the Scantipede model so it can be used as a Zerg unit.

SC1 Hydralisk v2

The final version of my SC1 Hydralisk.

Hellion Portrait with goggles on

An alternative Hellion portrait, with the pilots wearing the goggles.

SC1 Guardian/Devourer Cocoon

The Broodlord/Overseer cocoon changed to look more like the SC1 Cocoon.

Doodad Pack 1

The models in this pack.

Dead Zerg Doodads

Doodads made from Castanar Table doodads.

SC1 Battlecruiser Portrait

Modified Dominon Officer portrait to look like the SC1 Battlecruiser.

SC1 Overmind Portrait

SC1 Overmind made from SC2 version.

SC1 Supply Depot

A few changes to SC2 Depot to give it more SC1 details.

Doodad Pack 2

This is my second doodad pack.

Xel'Naga Docking Bay

A Xel'Naga structure made from an SC2 doodad.

WIP - Applelord

The Applelord model I'm working on.

The one and only "Hellbat"

Don't let those gimmicky transformers fool you, there is only one who deserves the name, the one that can burn your very soul!

SC1 Young Chrysalis

The Young Chrysalis from SC1 campaign.

SC1 High Templar

Just some modifications.

Hybrid Avatar

Narud's Hybrid avatar effect made into a separate unit.


Modified SCV. Does it look like the old one?


Defiler model made from Blizzard's unfinished version.

"Ship" Photon Cannon

A structure model made from a death model found in HoTS assets.

Royal Guard

A royal guard marine.

Evolutions: Scourge

HotS evolutions for the Scourge.

Repair Bot

Another salvaged model from Swarm dependencies.

Megalith (team colors)

The Megalith unit from LotV campaign with team colors.

Hybrid Reaver with team colors

Custom diffuse texture to show team colors.

Purifier Probe

Salvaged from a LotV doodad.

Void Pylon with team colors

Void Pylon