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Official Galaxy Scripts


Blizzard's Galaxy Scripts which includes all AI scripts in addition to Game Data galaxy scripts.

  1. RequirementsAI.galaxy - This is a very important file, this contains all of the units/buildings/upgrades we can call using "AISetStock(int player, int count, string aliasType)"
  2. AI.galaxy - This one contains all of the native functions we can use in our AI.
  3. MeleeAI.galaxy - This one contains a lot of blizzard functions definitions.
  4. Terran0.galaxy - This contains Terran build orders.
  5. Zerg0.galaxy - This contains Zerg build orders.
  6. Protoss0.galaxy - This contains Protoss build orders.
  7. MapScript.galaxy - The default Galaxy script created from a blank Map in GalaxyEdit.