Converted WMO's /w Team Colors (WoW Buildings) will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Collection of converted World of Warcraft Building WMO's available for public use. Buildings contain no animations and have been gutted to have no inside.

I will continue to add more buildings to the collection over time.

Thanks to Saeris for his guide: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/tutorials/24534-model-how-to-convert-wmo-files-to-m3-importing-structures/

1.0: Includes: Wall, Wall Corner, Wall End, Guard Tower, Mage Tower, and Barracks .m3's and textures.

1.1: Includes: 1.0 Buildings, Blacksmith, Cathedral, Chapel, Farm, Lumbermill, Stables, and Town Hall .m3's and textures.

1.2: In progress: Updated Roof Textures (Added), Gold Mine (added), Barn, Silo, Abbey, Scout Tower, Inn, Northrend Houses. Warrior (Added), Spearman (Added), Footman (Added), Archer (Male), Female Paladin (Added), Female Archer (Added), Female Mage (Added), and Knight (Added).

Archer and Priest Warrior and Spearman Paladin and Footman Knight and Mage Shaman Mounted Archer