M3 Plugins for 3ds Max


M3 Plugins v2.2 - December 23rd 2012
Bundled scripts:
sc2_objects.ms - Starcraft 2 Objects Definition File Version 0.1
m3_import_v0.35.ms - M3 Importer Version 0.35
m3_export_v0.35.ms - M3 Exporter Version 0.35
m2_import_v0.304b.ms - M2 Importer Version 0.304b
impexpmdx_v2.0.4.ms - MDX Importer & Exporter Version 2.0.4

Change Log

  • Added tight and fuzzy hit tests
  • Added bone flags support
  • Added Bone Tools interface to manage bone flags
  • Added ribbon effect support
  • Changes in Particle Emitters. Some values have new names, places. Some are properly described.
  • Changes in layer system (mainly due to particle materials compatibility)
  • Added layer managment when importing objects
  • Scene check and Add bones buttons are now available from the M3-Export menu
  • Modified lights according to Blizzard's pdf
  • m3 scripts contain foundation for forces, sRibbons and projections
  • Fixed bug when trying to import .m3 file with volume materials
  • Bone count after import is now as it is in original file (necessary for proper ribbon and particles animations import)
  • Particle Copies are temporarily taken out
  • See provided readme files