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LSDebug 1.1c

Forum Thread with demo map


Debug text window (or console window) with custom message system and filtering options.
Goal is being able to filter out unwanted messages
when you don't need them at given time

  • Features
    • good performance
    • easy usage
    • stable DataTable based dynamic storage (no variables = no limits :) )
    • contains nearly any options you could probably need for basic customization
    • split state view per viewing player
    • level filtering (level of importance, can be anything tho)
    • player filtering (source player, can be anything tho)
    • text filtering. Like Google! :)
    • order of messages is preserved
    • can save all messages to text file.
    • detailed help documentation

How to use

  • run LSD_Initialize
  • use _LSD_msg for creating new messages.


Import library


Pic 1
Pic 2 - shows all except level 2 messages filtered
Pic 3 - shows example usage of addnitional descryptions
Pic 4 - spam test, 100 msg per 0.1sec
Pic 5 - Saved to text file.
(messages are green due being new)
(overlapping buttons on pic 3,4 are not part of Lib :) )

Please use This Thread for questions etc