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Siege Trooper

Siege Trooper model. Unit of same name in custom campaign: "Scattered" as basis for idea.


Spartan model. Unit of same name in custom campaign: "Scattered" as basis for idea.

Claymore Tank

Claymore Tank model. Unit of same name in custom campaign: "Scattered" as basis for idea.

Rejects Heroes

Custom models for Aaron Masterson, Jared Harsh, and Daryn Meeks.

Terran Ranger

Ranger unit, heavy assault special operations infantry. Conceived of while watching Jayborinoplays play through the final mission of Annihilation.

Titan Walker

Elite Goliath walkers. Deployed as siege walkers alongside Behemoth tanks.

Behemoth MKIII Tank

The ultimate expression of power. The terran Behemoth tank stands as a testament of terran tenacity and the unwillingness to back down. The Behemoth tank, while having no siege mode it uses high powered rail-cannons to obliterate anything in it's path.

Federation Marine

The marine ground forces of the Cerberus are the Federation's elite. They stand as the backbone of any engagement on the ground begun by the behemoth battlecruiser.

Federation Medic

The medics of the Cerberus' marine ground forces are integral to any battles success, using their advanced healing nanites and newly developed nano-projectors, they keep the boots on the ground alive to continue the fight.

Federation Reaper

The reaper corps of the Cerberus are the elite scouting and raider units of the battlecruiser's armies. Using their speed and newly designed rapid fire LMG cannons, they're able to easily ward off the weakest Zerg they may encounter.

Federation Firebat

Federation firebats from the Cerberus sacrifice speed for additional armor and weapon range, able to outclass marine allies if the situation requires it, but will be hard-pressed to retreat when the time comes due to the slow speed of the armor.

Federation Marauder

The marauders of the Cerberus are the true shocktrooper of the Federation. These marauders use specially designed Mk. II suits, which have faster production modules for grenade production, and increased armor without sacrificing much speed.

Federation Spectre

The Spectres of the Death Heralds from the Cerberus are a class of their own, being far more psionically potent than normal spec ops units. They can singlehandedly turn the tide of any battle in favor of the Federation.

Federation SCV

The SCVs of the Federation are unique from their Koprulu and Earth cousins. Using similar chassis to several models of SCV, the design is still unique to the Kardyan Quadrant, having expanded cockpit space and upgraded fusion welder/mining laser combo.

Federation Hellion

Death Herald hellions are specially designed for the terrain of Duros III. Having increased armor plating, raised, expanded and armored cockpit, and all new suspensions and advanced hydraulics allow this machine to drive off cliffs without worry.

Federation Goliath

The goliaths fielded by the Death Heralds are a class of their own. Using state-of-the-art autocannons, the death herald goliath is able to out-range and out-damage all other goliath units. It makes use of new grappling feet for all terrain/weather travel.

Federation Siege Tank

Siege Tanks fielded by the Death Heralds use advanced shield projectors while in siege mode to provide additional defense, this requires additional power however, provided by the micro fusion reactor now housed within the siege tanks. Accidents may occur.

Federation Thor

Lore is hard. Death Herald thors make use of additional neosteel plating, upgraded heavy cannons, additional AA scatter missile launchers, and enhanced siege cannons. They are also able to rebuild themselves on the battlefield. Go crazy, build a hundred.

Federation Dropship

It has weapons.

Federation Wraith

The wraiths fielded by the Death Heralds have upgraded cloaking modules, allowing the craft to cloak for longer. They use a new Tritanium coiling, allowing it to fire high powered lasers from all weapon slots. Replacing the previous laser and missiles.

Federation Banshee

The Death Herald banshees use advanced polyphasic cloaking fields, with upgraded fusion cells, the banshee is not only able to remain permanently cloaked, but is completely invisible except to the most advanced detection available.

Federation Science Vessel

Death Herald science vessels research only one thing. How to wage war. They have auto-turret factories, a plasma cannon for defense, shield matrix generators, radiation coils, nanite repair-bays, & seeker missile factories. Beware the science vessel.

Federation Battlecruiser

Hammerhead class are the primary carrier class battlecruiser. But when they fall short, these mighty Asgard class battlecruisers bring forth their numerous laser and railgun batteries to drive away any threat to the Federation and what she's claimed.

Umojan Commando

Umojan Trooper

Umojan Rumbler

Umojan Drake

Umojan Dropship

Umojan Mercury

Umojan Valkyrie

Valkyrie Gunship

The Valkyrie is a European heavy VTOL gunship in Command & Conquer.

Xel'naga Structure Pack

Xel'naga Structure Pack Icons

Xel'naga Structure Pack Wireframes

Infested Umojan Marines

One of my first and few endeavors into Zerg units.

Terran Rumblers

Seeing as the Umojan Rumbler was a slightly modified Hellion. I decided to get a bit more creative for the Terran counterpart. Variations of Rumbler (Weaponless, Railgun) requested by Miazmatic.


Juggernaut Gunship

Grizzly Tank

Light Infantry Portrait

My first custom portrait.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- SCV

New SCV developed for use by the Knights of Tyrador after the devastating conflict against the rogue Cerberus faction and their Zerg. Uses advanced state-of-the-art technology to make it efficient at both mining, construction, and conflict.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Reaper V2

Updated version of the KoTR Reaper model.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Marauder V2

Updated version of the KoTR Marauder model.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Cyclone

Advanced Cyclone model used by the Reforged Knights

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Siege Tank (Tank)

Advanced hardware upgrades enhance these old siege tanks, bringing them up to modern standards.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Siege Tank (Sieged)

Advanced hardware upgrades enhance these old siege tanks, bringing them up to modern standards.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Ghost V4

Updated version of the KoTR ghost model.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Widow Mine

New optics and scanning technology ensures only a 50% chance for a friendly fire damage scenario. Progress!

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Hellion

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Viking

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Predator Tank

Bought from the New Confederates to serve as main battle tanks for the Knights.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Marine Pack Updated Image

Micro Unit Pack of several KoTR Marine variants. Included: Flamethrower, Rifle, Submachine Gun. No animation changes from base marine.

Knights of Tyrador Reforged -- Liberator

Black Ops Vulture

A simple retexture, using modified standard vulture and DOM vulture textures with standard vulture model.

Black Ops Battlecruiser

Retexture of the Black Ops battlecruiser model, using modified standard battlecruiser and DOM battlecruiser textures.

Lancer - Golden

Retextured Lancer from WingedArchon.

Adun Immortal - Golden

Retexture of the Adun Immortal

Aiur Zealot - Golden

Simple texture adjustment of the Aiur Zealot

Lancer Hero - Golden

Modified Golden Lancer with Rohanna Nerve Cords. Hero version of Golden Lancer.

Reaver - Golden

"Fuck those Reavers!" -JayborinoPlays

Defiler - Primal Collection

Primal Defiler