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This is an editor to write galaxy code in. It features syntax highlighting, autocompletion (including definitions made by the user) and error reporting.
If you want something that extends galaxy with features like passing structs to methods, ++ statements and much more, have a look at http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/third-party-tools/19619-galaxy-editor/ instead. (you can still use your existing galaxy code in that editor)

If you want to use it with some gui functions you have made, you can copy the script from your map (Data->View script), then write on the function you want to implement, and copy that portion back into the map as a custom script.

There are two files.

  • Installer - Installs the program and dependencies, and makes shortcuts.
  • Directory - A zipped directory containing the program

Note that if you pick the directory, you might be missing some dependencies.

The amount of files here are getting quite big, so I'll only keep the 2 newest versions up. If anyone has an interest in an earlier version, send me a pm.

V 1.4.2

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a } was inserted with no matching {

V 1.4

  • The auto completion now also works for structs
  • It is now possible to make a custom skeleton
  • When closing a {}, the matching scope is now being automatically indented
  • I added a bunch of small fixes/features aswell

V 1.3.2

  • Added an option to select how many characters required for the autocompletion list to show
  • The auto completion list no longer show up when typing strings
  • Added a template with just the default include statement
  • Fixed a bug that caused the autocompletion window to be shown at startup

V 1.3

  • When you type the arguments of a function, a tooltip will now apear to display the parameters of the function
  • It is now also possible to insert items from the autocomplete list by doubleclicking them, and by pressing enter with the autocomplete list in focus.
  • Fixed a bug that caused methods to be sorted incorrectly in the autocomplete list
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused the autocomplete list to be shown behind the window

V 1.2.2

  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash if the user use method declarations without a body
  • Fixed a bug that caused the autocompletion list to not show some elements
  • Added a file "TriggerLibs/Patches.galaxy" where missing methods and fields can be declared

V 1.2

  • Improved the autocompletion. It should now be faster, display types/args of methods/fields/locals, and sort the displayed results (first after best match from the beginning of the word, then alphabetically)
  • Added a status bar to display the status of the parser.
  • Fixed an error that would report foo[2].bar as a syntax error
  • Added +=, -=, *=, /= and %=
  • Added type checking (For example, it reports an error if you try "unit u = 2;")

V 1.1

  • The program will now report errors if you try to refference something not previously defined.
  • Parsing is now done in a seperate thread, so the program won't slow down when editing large files.