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8.2K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2013 Created Aug 3, 2011

A little addon to move all frames in game!

9.9K Downloads Updated Sep 11, 2010 Created Sep 10, 2010

Add simple status bar under buff's left time.

3.2K Downloads Updated May 28, 2012 Created Feb 15, 2010

Allows resizing the quest tracker from the bottom right corner.

5.4K Downloads Updated Feb 8, 2012 Created Feb 10, 2009

Easy to move all frame in game!

5.6K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2013 Created Aug 13, 2011

The fastest and beautiful Tooltip addon!

241 Downloads Updated Jul 13, 2012 Created Jul 12, 2012

An AddOn with various features that can be added and removed using a module system

535 Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2015 Created Apr 25, 2014

miRP sert à organiser votre description, faire des fiches avec des notes RP ou non...

2.7K Downloads Updated Jan 3, 2011 Created Sep 20, 2010

Priest fairy buff monitor