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Sep 28, 2010

Owner: Jaamosan


TitleSelect provides a short list interface for selecting character titles used regularly.

Each time the character assumes a title, it is added to the short list automatically. To prune a title from the list, right-click its entry from the open menu. The title in current use cannot be pruned.


All RoM add-ons are placed in "Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns". If these additional folders do not yet exist, create them. The archive must then be unzipped and copied to this path.


Click the minimap node to open a configuration frame.

The title icon frame may be positioned independently, and will snap to the main frame. The main frame's size is adjustable using the wedge on its right side. Several tooltip options are available, including "abbreviated", which shows only the attributes and skills a title provides.



  • Configuration management

XBar III, New XBar (versions 1.51+)

  • Interface button
  • Configuration management


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