5,293 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2014 Game Version: 5.0.9

FuzzyDIYCE is an add-on that allows the creation of skill lists that can be triggered, via a macro, in a context sensitive manner similar to DIYCE and DIYCE 2.0 does. FuzzyDIYCE is inspired by those earlier add-ons.


The main features of FuzzyDIYCE are:

  • Just-in-Time cached data reading so no piece of information need be read more than once.
  • Simplified DIYCE timer usage.
  • Skill sub-lists.
  • Configurable (only flags for now) in the game interface configuration panel.
  • Cooldown management to optimize skill back to back performance

Note that FuzzyDIYCE framework was written by Peryl, he has given his permission to move forward with this project.

Forums for disussion regarding the framework and combat scripts are available in the US Runes of Magic forums.


FuzzyDIYCE is currently in beta


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