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Uploaded by realtelltod
Uploaded Jan 29, 2013
Game Version 5.0.1
Size 491.08 KB
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MD5 e634f5ff00cc83f8f4ad0dc0e851ce11
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- data update 5.0.7
- cloth colors
- (experimental) class/skill/level dialog
- search: rarity filter as single or minimum value
- search: Filter items by stat at Search frame
- search: Filter items by unique skin at Search frame
- search: context menu button to view, who drops / where tp get item.
- search: sort physical weapon by dps, magic by mdmg and armor by pdef+mdef

- data update v5.0.5
- fix: remove weapon and wings from model by "clear all" menu command
- add DPS for weapons at Search frame (sorted still by dmg/mdmg)
- Add 'attackspeed' field to exported weapon table

- patch 5.0.3 update & added lvl80 items
- fixed "Shield-Bonus"

- data update
- equipment import without drag&drop usage
- calc: fixed skills and crit values
- bigger stat-serach dialog (by DJPorterNZ)
- fix ticket #10: Filter stats by min values
- prevent adding CP menu to unacceptable items

- data update v5.0.0.2538
- resized stat-search box
- added "shield bonus" stat
- equipment compare
- pimp: clear button
- items: only usual rarities
- allows TAB-key in search dialog
- allow number (instead of romans) input for stats
- limited dura input field (no more 1000000 ;) )
- single enchantment copy (share)