Best Potion

10,034 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 Game Version: 5.0.9

BestPotion by ZTrek

BestPotion will scan through your inventory and use the best mana, hitpoint, rage, energy, focus restoring potion via a macro.

New as of version 2.1
Minimap button: Hover over button to see what potions you have in your inventory and what the best potions are that you can use
Left click the mimimap button to open config options
Right click the mimimap button to trigger Best Potion or use the macro generated by typing /bpmg into the chat window
Removed the bpEcho function: replaced by the minimap button's tooltip

New as of version 1.99
Restore over time potions will only be used when the percentage is between 50% and 75%
Instant(crafted) potions will only be used when the percentage is between 25% and 50%
Phirius potions will only be used when the percentage is below 25%

New as of version 1.70
1. Best Potion will check for Priest or Druid primary or secondary class and cast the best healing spell you have rather then to use up a potion but it will only use a healing spell if that spell will heal for a higher percentage than the potions in your inventory or if all potions are on cooldown.
2. Best Potion no longer uses action bar slots
3. Best Potion is no longer configurable by the player(everything needed is calculated internally).
4. Best Potion will work in any language.
5. BestPotion will now use Phirius potions .

Best Potion will check for cooldowns on potions and use alternate potions that are not on cooldown. There are 3 types of potions in RoM and they all have separate cooldowns.
1. Vendor bought restore over time potions
2. Crafted potions that restore a single large amount immediately
3. Phirius potions which restore a percentage.

Use ONE of the following slash commands in your macro.
or you can use
/run hpmpCheck()
Will generate a macro for you but only for Best Potion itself. i.e. not for any combat skills you would be using
To test if the Best Potion addon is loaded in a function or addon use
if BestPotions then
....Your action(s)


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