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Last Updated: Apr 3, 2016 Game Version: 5.0.9


Oct 26, 2014

Owner: ztrek

ATTENTION: The Donate Gold function is triggered when the player's money changes which is triggered upon leaving Arcanium Arena so if you run AA often and you don't want gold donated to the guild every time you leave the arena then uncheck the Donate Gold checkbutton.

Changes as of v4.5:
Settings are now saved per character and there is no longer any default settings so everything must be manually checked in the config frame. There is a check button located at the top of the guild resources frame labeled Check All On/Off that will toggle the checkboxes for the following resources.
Herb Essence, Fortune Grass, Magic Fortune Grass, Ore Essence, Star Pearl, Moonlight Pearl, Wood Essence, Golden Ear of Grain, Sunset Ear of Grain, Guild Rune, Dread Essence, Nightmare Essence, Guild Stone, Dauntless Core, Wisdom Core, Ruby Stone, Handcrafted Ruby, Teardrop Ruby
Also note the numbers on the Herbs, Ores and Wood frames. These numbers should be self explanatory but if you have any questions PM me on Curse or Curseforge.

New as of version v3.1:
Minimap button to bring up the config frame. You can now configure every possible resource to automatically donate to your guild including gold and percentage of gold made to donate.

How the Donate Gold button on the bottom works. If the checkbox to the right of the button is checked then the percentage of gold made from certain actions such as selling items to a vendor or money made from auction sales will be automatically donated to your guild. You set the percentage of gold to donate with the slider to the right of the checkbox from 1%-5%(Default is 1%). If the checkbox below the button is not checked then clicking the Donate Gold button will immediately donate a percentage of the players TOTAL gold.


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