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A place for all the questions that bug the crap out of me.

Why can't we browse for more then 500 items?
The servers limit the amount of search results to 10 pages of 50 items each for a total of 500. No coding magic can get past this limit without the server code being changed by runewaker.
There is an item on the AH that I can't search for, but it displays when I browse all items of that category, is this a bug?
No. Everything is handled by Item ID numbers which are a 6 digit number that is unique for each item. When you search for an item, the server checks your search text with it's database of item names to find matching item ID numbers, then spits back the results. Just because your client knows that the name of item 001337 is a Sword of Leetness, doesn't mean that the AH servers have that same info. Many times it takes weeks or months for some newly added items to get added to the servers name database.
Whats the difference between Search and Filter?
When you hit search, you are asking the servers for all items that match your search parameters. These parameters are not always as specific as we would like and they can not be extended by an addon. So instead we take all the results that the server gives us and hide the ones that don't pass our filters.


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