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Allows you to freely substitute or randomize dialog voices, regardless of what character(s) you are playing. In the main menu, press F1 to cycle voice substitutions for the Misako lines, F2 to cycle voices for Kyoko lines, or F3 to cycle randomized group voice modes. Available options for Misako/Kyoko in order are Off, Kunio, Riki, Provie, Marian. There are no Misako/Kyoko substitutions since they only recorded their own lines. A voice clip will play as you cycle them, and they will also be saved in MelonPreferences.cfg which you can edit between plays. The available options for group modes are Off, Original, and Expanded, which will randomly select voice lines from either the original 4 characters, or all 6. In this mode, Misako lines will be voiced by Misako/Riki/Provie, and Kyoko lines will be voiced by Kyoko/Kunio/Marian.




To start, in order to use any mods you have to install MelonLoader, to do so run "MelonLoader.Installer.exe" from https://github.com/LavaGang/MelonLoader/releases and point the installer to your RCG2 executable, this will create a "Mods" folder in your game folder, you can drop any mods you like into this folder some mods have configurable parameters, these will appear in "<GameDirectory>/UserData/MelonPreferences.cfg" after the first time you run the game with that mod installed