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This collection includes shared libraries, mods, user tools and other assets needed in order to use other RCG2 mods. For the backend modder, libraries include simple API for adding functionality to your mods such as keyboard and controller shortcuts and adding floating text displays over characters. For the front end user, here is some extra features RCG2 Essentials comes with:

MelonPreferencesManager by Sinai (sinai-dev)


No more manually editing config files. Pressing F5 will allow you to configure other RCG2 mods from a simple in-game menu, including reassigning that F5 key!

New Color Palette Support


Install new color palettes for the 6 main characters. Just drop them into their UserData folder and change them from the MelonPreferencesManager menu. For some example palettes, see Palette Pack: Championship Edition. For easy shortcuts and hot keys for both keyboard and controller, see Palette Swap Shortcuts. To try your own hand at editing, there is also a small tool that may help, Live Edit Palette.

Accessory Setter


Create combinations of Accessories which can be swapped in-game by shortcuts, hotkeys or by other mods. Display text when you switch and give your sets custom names for extra flare. Newly included in RCG2 Essentials (1.2), the Accessory Setter Shortcuts mod makes it easier than ever to swap out accessories, for keyboards and controllers.





This and other RCG2 mods require MelonLoader v0.5.7, a universal mod-loader for games made in Unity, to be installed to your RCG2 installation.

Step #1: Download MelonLoader.Installer.exe found here.

Step #2: Run MelonLoader.Installer.exe, under the Automated section press Select and find your RCG2.exe in your game's installation folder, uncheckmark Latest and select Version v0.5.7, keep Auto-Dectect checkmarked, then click Install.

Step #3: After installation, verify your River City Girls 2 directory has new folders such as Mods, UserData and UserLibs.

Step #4: OPTIONAL: If you do not want to see MelonLoader startup screen or console to launch with your game, add the following to your Launch Options. This can be found on Steam in the General tab when right clicking the game in your library and clicking Preferences.


--melonloader.hideconsole --melonloader.disablestartscreen


RCG2 Essentials


Step #1: Download the latest RCG2 Essentials.

Step #2:
Extract the .zip file contents to your RCG2.exe directory. Files should go to their respective folders from zip to directory (Mods to Mods, UserData to UserData, etc).

Step #3: Verify your installation by launching River City Girls 2. Once the game is up, press the F5 key to open the MelonPreferencesManager menu.



Download the Mod below and extract it to your main directory, keeping folder segregation in tact.




There's not much to do with just this installed, be sure to install more River City Girls 2 Mods!

The F5 key used to bring up the MelonPreferencesManager can be reconfigured to another key within the MelonPreferencesManager (go figure!).

If you are hiding the MelonLoader startup screen, there will be a little bit of extra time added before your game's normal loading screen comes up, this is normal. Even if you hide the screen, you can't hide the relativity of time!



Step #1: Remove the folders that MelonLoader.Installer.exe created, along with version.dll, from your River City Girls 2 directory.

Step #2: OPTIONAL: Run Verify integrity of game files... from Steam, to be safe. This is found in the Local Folders tab when right clicking the game in your library and clicking Preferences.



RCG2 Essentials includes code written and maintained by MuKen and Devi Sharp, with the exception of MelonPreferencesManager by Sinai, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. (source)