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Whenever the training room dummy is knocked down, he will get up and reset position to the lower left corner and all players' sp and gb meters will be refilled.  If you hold F1 while they get up, they will reset position to wherever player 1 is standing, and that will be the new respawn point until you change it again




To start, in order to use any mods you have to install MelonLoader, to do so run "MelonLoader.Installer.exe" from https://github.com/LavaGang/MelonLoader/releases and point the installer to your RCG2 executable, this will create a "Mods" folder in your game folder, you can drop any mods you like into this folder some mods have configurable parameters, these will appear in "<GameDirectory>/UserData/MelonPreferences.cfg" after the first time you run the game with that mod installed