Whimsey's DoT Timers

20,251 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 17, 2013 Game Version: 2.0

Simple DoT timer.

Was originally just made for myself, but people in my guild showed interest in it, so here it is. Comments, feedback and feature request are welcome.

/WhimseyDots for config. Remember to press ESCAPE if you have been editing any colors.

Change log


  • Fixed up for 2.0.


  • Added GUI for configuration:
    • Move the bar by dragging the "Movable Frame".
    • Change bar width and height.
    • Change bar front and back color.
    • Change bar font sizes.
    • Change bar font color.
    • See all changes on the "Movable Frame" as you make them.
  • Fixed so the last part of the duration is not hidden under the icon.


  • Fixed so you can now click "through" the bars.


  • Fixed so the bars disappear on target-switching and when the target is dead.
  • Added first decimal for the timer. (e.g. 9.7 seconds left).
  • Changed the bars to be slightly more transparent.


  • Initial Release.

What's missing / Planned

  • Ignore list for spells
  • Switch for enabling/disabling DoTs, HoTs, Debuff, and/or Buffs.
  • Show DoT on multiple targets (e.g. Focus target aswell)


The addon is based off the Zorba's Debuff Timers example from Trion.

Best Regards, Whimsey @ Icewatch (Defiant)


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