Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 Game Version: 3.0


Jul 25, 2012

Owner: Adelea

3.00v01.R - Added Planewalker's Call

2.08v01.R - Added Patrons Fast Pass

2.03r7 - Added translations for the remaining untranslated text
    - Added /teleporter fade to adjust fade options
    - Made popup window fade rather than disappear immediately.
    - Rationalised the mouse click options
    - Added UI driven mode change

2.03r6 - Use mousewheel on button to change scale
    - Performance updates
    - Added /teleporter reset - to relocate control button to center of screen

2.03r5 - Add missing entries from .toc

2.03r4 - Added Brevanic Portal Battery + Stronghold Summoner

2.03r3 - Bug fix for Guild Rally banner if you arent in a guild

2.03r2 - Added Summon Guild Rally Banner + Rally Scroll use

2.03r1 - Added Tempest Insignia

2.02r3 - Updated for 2.3 macro system

2.02r2 - Removed some debug information + fixed an item login error

2.02r1 - Converted to 2.2 Event system
- Added T3 PA Group Summon abilities

2.00r1 - Added Brevanic Portal Generator

1.10r3 - Minor update to allow hiding of popup when Docker is installed

* Added two command line options
    /teleporter mode - Toggles between popup and rightclick to show teleport abilites
    /teleporter align - Cycles through alignment options (replaces previous right-click button option)
* Changed minimap icon
* Icon can be locked in place (hold left click + press right button). Locked = color, Unlocked = gray
* Icon can be moved when unlocked

1.10r1 - Added support for Docker

1.9r9 - Small cosmetic change - use the right units if cooldown remaining <1min

1.9r8 - Removed some fixed localisation and replaced data with values generated at runtime from the client.

1.9r7 - Added German localisation
+ Right clicking the minimap icon will alter the positioning of the text - C > R > L > C

1.9r6 - Language fix

1.9r5 - Added French localisation
+ Hopefully prevent the nil comparison operation when keeping the mouse over the teleport after the zone completes

1.9r4 - Shows cooldown time remaining
+ More refinement on item detection/activation

1.9r3 - Added Unseen Insignia item
+ Refined item detection, so should only show the ones you have.

1.9r2 - More reliably (I hope!) detect the artifact teleport devices

1.9r1 - Initial release to curse.