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SightSeer - Alerts if your Omen/Quantum Sight is missing

On first load, SightSeer will place a small button a little above the center of the screen.

The button will feature an eye, and be on a gray background.

This button can be moved around on screen to place it where you want it to be (left click + hold + move)

NOTE: If you have Docker installed, then the button will be placed on the Dock.

Once the button is in the desired location, click the right mouse button to lock it into place.

A further right click will unlock it, and allow it to be moved once more.

Once it is locked, then the icon will become coloured - either red or green.

Green indicates that SightSeer is active in your current zone.

Red indicates that SightSeer is inactive in your current zone - useful for disabling alerts in
raid zones or dungeons.

Left clicking on the red/green button will toggle its active status in your current zone.

If you do not have Omen/Quantum Sight active, then a message is displayed in the center of the
screen notifying you of this.

If you do have it active, then when it has less than 1 minute left, a message fades in, in the
center of the screen warning you of its coming expiration.

NOTE: If you do not have Omen/Quantum Sight, then the addon will do nothing, until such time
as you gain the ability.


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