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Rifter presents a popup menu with all rift summoning abilities to save hunting for them in different places or tying up hotbar slots.

If you have Docker installed, it will place an icon in the Dock.

Else, the icon has two states - grey (unlocked, can be moved), blue (locked, cannot be moved)

If locked in place, then moving the mouse over it will produce a popup menu - simply click on the ability to use. If you do not have the ability or lure, then the client should give you an error message.

To unlock/lock the button, click and hold the left mouse button, and then click the right button.

NOTE: Due to the way the Rift API works, buttons with macros on cannot have their visibility toggled if you are in combat - so if you are in combat, then the popup will not show.

NOTE: 1.10r6 ONLY supports Apothecary / Armorsmith / Runecrafting crafting lures (all I have access to!)

To add support for the remaining ones, please do:

Put the lure in the first slot, of the first bag and then

/script d = Inspect.Item.Detail("si01.001") error(d.name.."="..d.type)

You can then copy to clipboard and paste the output in a comment here.


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