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PABuffs - Popup bar for PA weapon/item buffs

I didnt like having to have 6 slots on a hotbar, or having to open the abilities
page to cast the PA weapon buffs.

So, I wrote this addon!

PABuffs will put a small icon on your screen (circle, with a hexagon inside).

If the icon is grayscale, then it means it is unlocked and can be dragged around
to a better location. Once you are happy with the location, RIGHT CLICK on the icon,
and it will go into colour.

If the icon is in color, then it is locked and cannot be moved (RIGHT CLICK to
unlock, and it will go grayscale). You can LEFT CLICK the icon, and it will show
a popup menu listing various abilities (if you have them)

It will have:
- the 6 planar T2/T3 PA item buffs
- Ascended Resurrection
- Call of the Ascended
- Rescue Medic
- Planar Protection
- Planar Surge PA ability
- Sacrifice Life: Planar Charge PA ability
- Omen Sight

NOTE: If you have Docker installed, then the icon will go onto the Dock instead.

In addition to the using the button, you can also use a macro containing :

pab toggle

Using the macro will toggle the visibility of the bar. It will popup centered on
the mouse cursor - or as near to it as it can (if the cursor is too close to the
edge of the screen it will be moved up/down/left/right as required)

The top row of the bar will have the 6 planar T2/T3 PA item buffs, and the second
row will have the other abilities listed above.

NOTE: The hotkey bar that the macro is on does NOT have to be enabled or visible.

NOTE2: Due to API limitations on the use of frames with macros, the bar visibility
status cannot be changed in combat. Because of this, if the bar is visible when
you enter combat, it will hide itself.


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